Post operative wonders

Let me introduce you to my new fella: Choco.
Choco is a 9 year old Chesapeake Bay Retreiver who came to me after having a TTA – a surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament (the ligaments that stabilize the knee joint). Choco’s recovery was amazing. I quickly took him off the meds that he had been sent home with and gave him homeopathics – Ruta and Rhus tox mainly – and watched him improve daily. Unfortunately, shortly after he arrived here, I noticed that Choco has a loud click coming from his hip. After reviewing the x-rays from the clinic where his surgery was done, it became clear that this poor dude has severe hip dysplasia and may actually need a hip surgery one day. In the meantime, I have continued to treat him homeopathically. He has a sensitive digestive tract and a few other quirks, so when I looked at the totality of his case I came up with a remedy called Silica. So far he has done well with this and despite the clicking, does not show any pain or discomfort and he continues to improve in his mobility day by day. In fact, I seem to tire more quickly than he does! I hope we can avoid another surgery, but I know that if he ends up needing it, we can get him through it with great support from homeopathic remedies.


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