Information for New Clients

Welcome to the Roving Veterinarian Holistic Service!

Please read this sheet to acquaint yourself with the philosophy of this unique practice.

The Roving Veterinarian was formed in 2000 in order to treat animals in the most holistic and compassionate way possible, with a goal of supporting a deep and natural healing process from acute and chronic disease.

Dr. Shuli Krakauer is a conventionally trained veterinary doctor and has trained in and practiced acupuncture and homeopathy since 1999, as well as had years of experience using nutrition, neutriceuticals and herbs to support the overall health of her patients. Conventional diagnostics are used as well as occasional conventional medical therapies when necessary.

In order to do the best job of treating your animal friend as possible, communication is key. Often the information a holistic practitioner is looking for may seem to be quite disconnected from the medical issue that you are wanting help with, but please keep in mind that the goal is to treat your animal as a whole and not just the part or even the specific condition.

The healing process is said to happen from inside out, and this can take time, especially in patients where there has been a long history of disease and of drug treatment, which often suppresses, rather than cures, the symptoms. The healing process that we are after is gentle and can be quite amazing, but can also take some time and patience. Communication is key. Never worry that you are bugging me! I like to get brief and frequent updates on your animal’s progress!

Follow-ups are key. Just think about expecting one chiropractic adjustment to solve back problems that you’ve had for years. Even when the initial problem goes away, please follow up so that I can track progress and make sure we are ready for any further signs of imbalance that might arise down the road. Initially, I may want to see the patient every 6-8 weeks, but as we progress with treatment we can check in over the phone and do less frequent check-ups.

Because holistic vets have such a different approach to health and healing, we are often called upon as a last resort, when the conventional medical world has been disappointing, or has run out of options. Palliative care is a wonderful thing to do, and it is never too late. We can always ease suffering, even if it’s helping an animal to leave this world with peace and dignity. Sometimes we can find options that give us more time with our beloved friend than we thought possible.

If you have a “regular vet”, please let me know. Sometimes my advice will be different from the conventional medical advice that you receive from your vet. This doesn’t make anyone wrong, but we need to work together to decide which is the best course of action for you and your animal friend and then commit to that. Sometimes there are multiple ways to tackle a problem, and we can’t do them all at once. We will try to find a way to solutions that can work for all of us, with the patient’s best interest at the center.

Again, thank you for choosing The Roving Veterinarian to care for your precious friend. Together we will do our best to bring him/her to the best health and wellbeing possible.

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