Explanation of Charges

Explanation of Charges

please note that fee changes are in effect as of Nov 15/23

The purpose of this explanation is to make clear the fee schedule and prevent any misunderstandings as we work together to care for your pet. Treating holistically is very different from conventional veterinary care in that it is more time intensive. Rather than emphasizing charges for medicines, vaccination and surgery – like most veterinary services – there will be a charge for time spent on the case. Sometimes this time is spent after the visit or phone consultation by researching and analyzing the case.

Initial homeopathic intake:
The initial intake is usually 1-1.5 hours and we will go over in detail the history, current complaint and individual symptoms of your pet. We may also discuss vaccination recommendations and diet changes. The initial intake is $240, which includes the homeopathic analysis and any research that may need to be done following the appointment. Acute or first aid problems may be treated in a 45 minute appointment which is $178.85.

Follow-ups are normally 45 minutes and are ideally scheduled at approximately 6-8 week intervals initially until we feel progress is being made and a good level of health has been achieved. Housecall follow-ups are $120.  Acupuncture follow-ups are $126. Follow-up consultations may also be done on the phone in many cases at a charge of $54.90 per 15 minutes.

Homeopathic remedies:
The remedy may be given at the time of the consultation but sometimes some study of the case following the visit will be necessary. Arrangements will be make to send or pick up remedies.
The medicines themselves are inexpensive and may be dispensed in liquid or pellet form.
The charge for remedies ranges from $15-$37.50.
It is not uncommon for an animal to only need 1 or 2 doses every few months.

Conventional services:
Diagnostic tests are often recommended to help refine the treatment and to determine prognosis of your animal companion’s condition. Most of these can be done at home. In the case of additional services such as x-rays or surgery, a clinic will be used or a referral will be made to a clinic in your area. For these services, an estimate of charges can be made up prior or during the examination.

Short appointments or general healthy animal check-ups are $120 – $141.50

Travel charges vary on area but generally range from $30-$60.

Payment methods:
Currently payment is cash, cheque, credit card or interac transfer. E-transfer should be made to info@rovingvet.com.

Cancellation policy:
At least 24 hour notice on cancelled appointments is required. Since we are a house call practice and can only manage so many appointments in a day, if you cancel the day of the appointment we can often not schedule another appointment in your place and we must charge for this appointment.

Emergency policy:
Regular appointments are best booked through emailing Dr. Shuli at info@rovingvet.com and are scheduled Monday-Friday.  For after hours (after 6pm or on weekends), emergency fees of $100 for a house call and $50 for a phone call will apply. New clients with emergencies during these times may be directed to a conventional emergency facility.

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