Mumbai – the sights! the smells!

Mumbai is an incredible city. Expecting that I would want to leave as quickly as I arrived, and with all the traffic here, arriving itself is an experience, I have been surprised by how much I have enjoyed this city. Every step is a different variety of sights, smells, sounds. The juxtaposition of wealth and poverty, classy coffee shops and chai stalls, 3 wheeled rickshaws zooming in and out of traffic while stray dogs loll and snooze on the side of the road all make Mumbai like some kind of modern discordant but mesmerizing symphony.

The workshop has been exciting and humbling. We’ve seen 4 different homeopaths each take a case with quite a different style and method. They make it look easy but have also demonstrated that some cases can be taken to a deeper level of expression than others. I know that from working with animals for sure! Some dogs and cats can express their states far more clearly than others, so I guess we’re not all that different.

Tomorrow on to Goa and the rest of the seminar.
I’m looking forward to giving my brain a day of rest and moving to a place that will hopefully be a little less noisy and crowded.

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