Itchy skin drives us crazy!

princessAlthough not exactly life threatening, itchy skin can definitely be quality of life threatening. It keeps us up at night, makes us put the cone of shame on our dogs to keep them from chewing themselves bald, and can be extremely frustrating to treat. Conventional vets dispense those beautiful bright pink pills which are a combination of steroid and antihistamine and they can work miraculously…. unless the steroids make your dog drink and pee like an uncontrollable race horse, or you stop them. As miraculously as it seemed to disappear, the itch makes its grand reappearance, and sometimes it’s even worse.
Princess was this kind of case. A 10 year old Sheba Inu, she’d had allergies off and on, but since moving to Vancouver recently she’d been a bit of a mess. When I met Princess she was grouchy and I couldn’t exactly blame her. She was itchy and was wearing what looked like an overgrown whooppee cushion around her neck to keep her from chewing her hind end raw.
Luckily, Princess was a pretty clear case homeopathically. I gave her ars. alb 200C, just 3 doses in water.
Luckily for Princess, her people are dedicated and patient. It took almost a month of waxing and waning, but Princess is now itch and cone free and is a much happier dog. In fact, her person reported that her mood changed and she was much calmer almost immediately after the remedy, it just took a bit longer for her skin to really calm down too.
This was a good lesson for the homeopath too. Sometimes when a remedy doesn’t seem to work right away, especially when everyone’s anxious and losing sleep because of itching and scratching, I can be pressuring into prescribing something else. In this case, we were lucky that I was quite confident about this remedy and the clients were willing to be patient. It sure paid off!

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