Goa: paradise and not in a homeopathic dose!

Even landing in Goa you can feel an entire change of air, of energy. It seems to be true that you don’t have to go far in India to see a whole different way of being, of living. Language and culture change. People here seem in no great hurry to get anywhere. The beach is stunning. The sand is soft. The water is warm. The air is clean. Of course, we are also here in a bit of a luxury bubble at these hotels where our homeopathy conference is. I have ventured out only a little, as the schedule is actually quite grueling and I was a little sick for a few days.

The houses are beautiful, Portugese influenced, and multi-coloured. There are small and large churches scattered about.

The beach dogs seem to enjoy themselves and are very friendly, approaching with a smile and a wag. Although I have offered them bits of croissant on my morning beach walk, which they have taken graciously, my friends were offering a dog naan one evening at an outdoor restaurant and she refused it, only wanting the attention and petting.

I am learning so much at the conference. We are watching case after case, learning different approaches to case taking, seeing cases of mineral, plant and animal remedies and learning how different homeopaths approach the different levels of human experience. Yesterday was Dr. Jayesh Shah and his expertise is to allow patients to enter a deep meditative journey where they experience the qualities of the remedy state that they are in. He was presenting cases of the noble gases and it was absolutely incredible to witness the deep state of isolation and despair of these patients, not to mention some pretty intense physical pathology, that was expressed in their case taking and that was cured from just one dose of the remedy. One patient had a resolution of long standing inguinal hernias and a nasal polyp. Another patient was on multiple psychiatric drugs and was able to come off of them all days after taking his remedy. Of course, not all cases can be so miraculous, but it’s always nice to be reminded of the power of our craft. So there CBC!
I’m hoping that all this knowledge will translate to a better ability to help my animal patients heal, but I am also hoping to expand my practice to include more direct healing for the human caregivers. When I think about all the cases I’ve seen and treated over the last 10 years, there are so many situations where I may have been able to help more by treating the entire family and I think this may be the next frontier!

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