Case Studies

Xato is a sweet Jack Russel who was having some urinary problems. His person had noticed some accidents in the house and some blood in his urine. On examination I was a little suspicious of a bladder stone. A urine analysis was done and was clear, so we decided to try a homeopathic remedy first before going for further tests such as x-ray or ultrasound. I gave him lycopodium which is a remedy made from club moss and is a good remedy for bladder stones and urinary tract infections, especially in animals who have a “too big for their britches” attitude (pretty typical for a Jack Russel!). Xato has done well and has been happy, healthy and symptom free for many months now.

Kiernan has been receiving regular acupuncture treatments and occasional homeopathic remedies for the past 4 years.  The treatments have kept Kiernan steady on his legs, a pretty big feat for a 14! year old dog.  Of course, most of the credit should go to his wonderful mom and his friend Squirrel who is giving him some moral support before he gets his needles.

Kiernan the dog and Squirrel the cat get a treatment from rovingvet

Kiernan and Squirrel

Kitty with Eosinophilic Granuloma treated with homeopathic Silica;

“Just wanted to write and tell you that Morgan’s mouth is all back to normal for the first time in almost four years! Congratulations, you fixed her!!

After the last dose took effect, there was one small stubborn bit that wouldn’t go away, and I had a few silica granules left so I gave her those in January sometime I guess and at some point the last bit disappeared. I know she’s been free and clear of anything for at least over a month. I’ve been telling everyone I know what you did for her! Thank you.”

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