Preparations for India

I’m starting to realize that I’m going to India in 8 days and I need to get organized! I found a house sitter for my sweet fat cat, Shira, and I think she approves. I went to the eye doctor today and am well stocked with contact lenses.

I have 4 appointments today and I’m hoping by this time next week I’ll feel confident that my patients are stable and are going to be fine, or well taken care of by another vet, while I’m away. So far so good. Today is an acupuncture appointment on an older dog with some neurological weakness in her back end. She seemed to be improving from the last treatment and her owners are extremely dedicated, doing chiropractic, physiotherapy as well as a slew of nutritional supplements, and all around loving care. I’m hopeful for Jenny’s progress. Then there’s an older cat with hypertension who needs a blood pressure check, an epileptic cat who I haven’t seen in years but is usually fairly stable and grouchy, and a sweet but moody Yorkie with a loose tooth. I’m a little worried about that one. It might require some serious sedation if the tooth is about to fall out to give it the final yank. I don’t want to loose a finger before my trip.

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